Integrated Railroad Crossing

Animated Lighting Without Wiring

Introducing the NEW
Integrated Lamplighter® DFL Kit !!!

At the heart of this new product kit is the brand new Lamplighter DFL, (the DFL stands for Dedicated Flasher Unit).  

All you need to do is insert the fibers from the RR Crossings (no need for fiber pins) add in the detectors and bell and you are done.  No programming is needed.  As one of the people who tested the products stated: "This is incredibly easy"  D. Gaskell.

This is the ideal product for a stand alone Railroad crossing both in terms of ease of installation and cost.  Alternatively, we have the multifiunctional Lamplighter FL unit from which you can run 4 RR Xings or have other flashing / blinking effects (below).   However, if your RR Xings are a reasonable distance apart, the use of multiples of the DFL kit will make more sense.

Lamplighter DFL

Alternatively, take the a la carte options

This diagram shows the wiring connections

How to create your animation, a la carte

Step 1

Start with a Flashing Unit or Purchase the Kit

Lamplighter™ Flashing Starter Kit
Includes fiber connector pins and fiber


Flashing unit

If all you want is an integrating crossing, purchase the Lamplighter® FL unit plus fiber pins.

Fiber Pins

Select the appropriate Fiber pin size: 0.75mm for N scale, 1.0 mm for HO and 1.5mm for O Gauge. 

Select 2 and 8 port Terminal Blocks to avoid any soldering. 

Step 4

Add a crossing bell

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